TOUCH is a memory game on sense of touch for two players. I have designed different shapes in two different bags and the player is invited to memorise those shapes and translate them visually afterwards. The concept of the game is to see how memory from the sense of touch is different from visual or hearing memory and to explore how memory translates into visual language.

The game set includes two sets of bags with shapes for two players, an instruction card with illustration as well as set paper and pencils to draw. The two sets of bags contain two different textures inside to give a more sensorial experience for the player, making it interactive. One is with cotton and another is with sunflower seeds and rice.



To make the game successful and running smooth, a lot of experiments and test runs have to be carried out. Here, are a pair of test subject playing my game while I record their interactions. Because I find the elements of dialogues and interaction so interesting, I decided to create a book of dialogues exchanged between the two players. I have put a lot into what materials to print my book in. I want to capture the sense of ‘touch’ and the sensory aspect of my project therefore I carried out with embossing and debossing on paper by hand one by one. It was a very enjoyable experience for me to produce as well.